Office Solutions, MD provides a complete billing service at a fraction of the cost. Our services include initial billing of the claim and complete follow up including Collections. We not only can process your claims electronically for a very competitive price, but we also provide many other services such as referrals, and authorizations prior to the patient being seen. We can provide you with a direct link to our office so we can assist you even more with tasks such as patient check-in and insurance verification.

Our company is well versed in Medical Billing and Terminology as well as very knowledgeable with the various types of Insurances that affect your office. We have a well-trained, experienced staff, whose primary goal is to make your practice run smoothly.

Scope of Services

1. Billing
We offer consultation services in the following areas:
   a. Provide all medical billing forms needed. (I.E. HCFA-1500, Patient statements, claim status forms, etc)
   b. We will verify the insurance information provided by patient to your office prior to submitting the claim to an insurance carrier.
   c. We only use Certified Professional Coders who obtain correct and current HIPPA compliant ICD-9 codes based on diagnosis provided.
   d. Provide Accounts Receivable/ Revenue management with both insurance
       and patient.
   e. Our software is HIPPA compliant and bills all claims in the required ANSI format.

2. Courier Service
   a. We will exchange information (I.E. billings, payment vouchers, daily journals, communications) with your office via courier that we provide.


3. Customer Service / Patients Inquiries
   a. We have a Patient relations specialist on staff during phone hours (9am - 6pm Monday thru Friday) to assist your patients in a personal and professional manner.
   b. After hours your patients have the options of leaving a voicemail message or emailing our specialist and a return call will be made the next business day.



We offer consultation services in the following areas:
       1. Accounts Receivables
       2. Billing & Coding Issues
       3. Office Management
       4. Organization
       5. Charting
       6. Credentialing Issues
       7. Insurance Issues and how to get paid
Any time you combine services into a package it is guaranteed to save you time, money and headache. We would love to talk to you more regarding the many services we offer and show you how we can decrease your billing and administrative costs while increasing your revenues. We are confident that Office Solutions will assist you in your business and will tie in seamlessly with the products and services that you already utilize in your everyday business.


Receiveable / Revenue Management

Office Solutions, MD is a company dedicated to offering health care providers revenue cycle management, a comprehensive solution to their practice automation, billing and collection needs.
Office Solutions, MD eliminates the payer-knowledge void, helping to prevent claims denials, and drastically reduces tedious administrative work. Office Solutions, MD drastically reduces the accounts receivable cycle, putting cash back into the pocket of the practice owners. Office Solutions, MD also cuts administrative costs drastically enabling physicians to concentrate on patient care, and giving the practice manager more time to focus on high-level operational concerns.
Office Solutions, MD provides comprehensive practice management functionality, intelligent billing rules, and electronic eligibility verification and claim submission to a vast group of physician practices. This decreases payment cycle time and expense, providing a significant reduction in days in accounts receivable (DAR), and increases cash collection.
Armed with their health care experience and physician practice management skills, Office Solutions, MD offers the industry's most comprehensive solution to revenue cycle management.

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Fax: 517.908.3981

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